Friday, March 20, 2009

Can I help you?

This morning I was up early to drop my Mum off at a conference and pick up some staples for my gun, which is currently running on empty. Whenever I go to this shop there never seems to be anyone around to help and when you finally corner someone they have no clue about any of the products. This time I went I found a very helpful man who offered to help, but just as he started talking to me had to leave as he was working two departments and someone called him over the loud speaker. Turns out he knew less than I did anyway, but he did look the part with a tool belt on. Apparently I also looked the part due to my shirt colour and was asked by an employee where something was. Not a customer, an employee!

I'm now loaded back up with staples for the staple gun and printed up some new birds for stretching up on frames. This bird has been kicking around for a while but I cut out the basic shape to do a white background so I could print it on some floral fabric. I wasn't going to do white and red as a colour combo, but as I was looking at the white on the floral I realised red would work really well and I'm happy I went with that colourway. Below is my inspiration board, something that took a good year of working in this studio to finally organise and put up. I think I have finally got the studio into a good layout that I am happy with and doesn't get insanly messy. Although if you look at this photo on flickr I think most people would think it is insanly messy, but for me this is pretty neat.

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