Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bridget Farmer Prints

Yesterday I spent the day with Bridget helping with the redesign of her new website for her lovely prints like the Red Wattlebird above. Although I know a little tiny bit about making websites I always feel like a total fool when compared to Gareth, who seems to know everything (although I discovered last night he doesn't know about php).

After spending hours on the computers side by side in my studio we had a lovely
take away curry, some red wine (from the goonbox!) and watched Farmer Wants a Wife. It was nice to have someone to watch it with and discuss it in real time, although I missed the first season I'm a sucker for that show. If you watch it please feel free to email me or comment to discuss your thoughts. Do you think Riley and Tim will last? Can you tell Rachael and Stacey apart? Do you wish you could date Jenny just so you can say you live in a place called Tumbarumba?