Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Bubble

My lady badges are going to be stocked at Aloft Gallery in Rozelle, Sydney. The gallery also has a studio space attached and judging by the image above it looks like a beautiful space. They are on the first floor of 660 Darling Street in Rozelle so if you're in Sydney pop in for a look around.

I have put my new fine art shopping bags on the new bubble website, an initiative by General Pants for artists, designers, film makers, writers, photographers and musicians.

I found out about it via
Daydream Lily, sister of My Charlie Girl. You can vote for Bec and help support Melbourne Artists or even enter yourself.

To vote for me click here, or the image below.

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Penny said...

Aloft looks lovely!

diana said...

Hi Anna,
I gave you a vote. Love that bag. I especially like the tulle detail.

Stacey said...

I just voted for you because it is truly gorgeous!

Stacey said...

(a different Stacey to the one above!)
I've voted for you too and blogged about it as well.

veronica darling said...


And shall find some time to check that place out!!

Hey Harriet said...

If I was in Sydney I'd visit the Aloft Gallery for sure! LOVE your fine art shopping bags! Just voted for ya! Actually I visited your blog yesterday & tried voting but couldn't figure out how. Worked it out this time. Sometimes I'm not the brightest crayon in the box ;D

feedthedog said...

hi Anna,
Kristina from Gallery Aloft is a friend who has a stall opposite me at paddo. She saw me wearing one of your lady badges one day and just had to have some for her gallery.
I'm so pleased I was instrumental in getting your badges out to the wider community of syd town.
The gallery is just gorgeous and is really starting to take off.