Thursday, June 26, 2008

Red Hot Birds

The print above is from the drawings I did of the Curlew a few weeks back and he had a super long beak but little feet. I've now got a whole pile of drawings that I can turn into bird prints so I'm looking forward to making them up over the next few weeks. The thing about the stencil screenprinting is once I have my drawing I still don't know what it might look like and what areas I will cut out. What I love to do is draw with a really sketchy style, then add more detail, but when I cut out I mix up the shapes and use both the sketchy lines and more precise lines to create the shapes.

The print below is an old one that I recut and printed again. I've made cushions a few times for Rose Street and this time thought I would just make some really simple ones with bold prints on them. The backing is a super soft fabric with a lovely folky pattern and Gareth just came in an asked if he could take it to be because the fabric is so soft.


Jason said...

I think your bird prints are really fresh. I think the the curlew would look cool printed on fabric then framed.

Kara said...

These are beautiful. So bold and striking. Did I tell you I didn't get into Melb Designer Markets - tough gig there!

Have you thought about applying for Powerhouse Youngblood? You'd do really well!

Stacey said...

I love all these prints you are doing Anna. I think I like each new one more than the last one.
So, any thoughts on the t shirt??