Sunday, June 22, 2008

Perfect Sunday

Little Jamie

The perfect Sunday involves sleeping in, sitting and watching Nevermind the Buzzcocks all afternoon and eating rice crackers and dip, cutting out a screenprint, then curry for dinner and a French film on SBS.

After watching a couple of clips on Youtube from Nevermind the Buzzcocks (the Sam Preston and Amy Winehouse ones) I got hooked so we watched about 5 shows in a row this afternoon and I don't think a show has made us laugh so much in a long time. I wonder if Gareth and I should get one of those mega satellite dishes so we can watch BBC whenever we want. I know I would be hooked on Eastenders in about 2 days. It would be dinner at 5 (Haddock Pie) followed by tea in the sitting room and Eastenders with a Tunnocks Tea Cake if you've been good. Or another perfect Sunday with the Omnibus.


lusummers said...

ohh, i watched the eastenders omnibus today (i'm in the uk) and i tell you - it was cracking! haven't watched it for a while although i knew what was going on (the beauty of soaps!) and it was most exciting...what with batty may the posh doc and poor old chav dawn :)

miss b said...

I live in the UK too, and I watch Eastenders regularly.

I can't believe you love Tunnocks Tea Cakes too, I'm going through a major obsession with them (buying the boxes of 10!). I've covered some of my work colleagues things in the silver/red foil, so they look like giant teacakes. I was thinking of doing a post on my blog too.

littlebird said...

Never mind the buzzcocks never fails to make me laugh, and who would not find a tunnocks teacake the perfect addition to any sunday, or any day come to think of it!