Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I'm having to sort all my screenprints out for the wholesale section of my website and this means giving them names and photographing them and having some sense of order to what I am making. My current screenprint process is a little haphazard and I need to Tim Gunn them all and make it work.

The print on the pouch shown here is called Paddle. It sounds much better than the unappealing name what I was previously calling it which was blobs at the end of lines.

This little pouch is listed over at
Made It and the size came about a little by accident. It is long and thin, like a pencil case and the print suits it perfectly. I had not designed it that way but it seems some of my current prints are designed for a particular size of pouch but often end up working better when turned into something else, like a different shape pouch or coin purse.


Bridget Farmer said...

I don't know anna, I think blobs on the end of lines is pretty catchy!
but maybe you're right, paddles it is then.
i love it when item sort of just develop themselves without you designing them.

greenolive said...

paddles is perfect and much better than oars, which would have been my suggestion.
Where do you get for fabric labels from? They look quite nice!

T said...

This is just lovely. And the perfect name.

truth.be.told said...

these look really lovely & that print is perfect for something skinny! lovely xx

Penny said...

Very nice!

Danielle said...

Great print, looks awesome on the pouch... I think 'paddle' really suits it!

Sherrin said...

I really like this, a nice simple strong design... and I like the name, too. :o)

Kate said...

I'm with Bridget, blob lines is a great name.
Lovely purses.