Sunday, April 13, 2008

All About The Badge Ladies - Descriptions

People often ask me about the badge ladies descriptions and where the ideas came from. They started out as adverts from personal columns as I thought this would be an interested way of introducing them with the packaging. After running out of personal columns to gleen ideas from (there is only so many GSOH, LDR, SWF, LTR and SPARK to go through before you run out!) I started making little bios for them. I use a lot of things as inspiration and would put them into five catagories. Based on me, based on people I know, inspired by the name, inspired by the look and totally random. I also have Gareth and my Mum helping me as well. Two of my best descriptions are by them.

Here a few examples of each catagory.

Based on me:
Anna is looking for a man
who is dorky enough
to chat to her on the
computer when they are
still sitting side by side.

Based on people I know:
Kathy only just realised
Picasso was an artist.
She always thought
it was a style of work

Inspired by the name:
Whenever Cecelia has dumped
a lover they always play her
the Simon and Garfunkle song.
It always makes her glad she ended it.

Inspired by the look:
What is Alex hiding in
that hair of hers?
All her life savings?
A bowling ball?
Another brain?

Totally Random:
Alicia wants to run away
and join the circus.
She thinks she could walk
a tightrope but has only ever
practiced on the end of her bed.

Writen by Gareth:
Mavis enjoys collecting antique
porcelain teapots and wants to
travel to Nimbin because she
hears they have great pot.

Writen by Mum:
Cheryl was going to drop the
YL from her name until she saw
herself in the mirror in her underwear.
If only she could turn back time.


CurlyPops said...

Hilarious! I especially love Gareths. I've been to Nimbin (very strange place) and I didn't stay very long!

Penny said...

I love the description for Alexis!

esta sketch said...

Heya, guess what - you're tagged! (sorry! and no pressure of course - i know these things get around)

But if you do choose to participate, here’s how this game of tag goes:

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Emmarose said...

Teehee these bios are great. Maybe you should do personalised lady badges - people could send you a photo and some random info, and you could stitch them into glory!

Lara said...

heeheehee, I love these!! gareth's one is a laugh too! I like the one you gave me too:

Joanne has never left her
hometown of Geelong
and doesn't know
what condescending means.


P.S. - I was in a shop in Northcote yesterday that had a heap of your bags. They looked great. There was even one with a tiny bit of birch on it that I could coyly show off to my friends ;)

alixandrrraaa said...

i love them! they're all so cute an quirky!!

i love the Cecelia one!

greenolive said...

I love the descriptions for Anna, Kathy and Cecelia - probably cause of the Picasso and S&G references.

Ulla said...

The descriptions of your ladies can really make a difference which one to choose! I often make up personalities and histories to people I see in a cafe or grocery store, just for myself or DH.

JuliaRose said...

Hi there,
Just chanced on your wonderful blog, and your felt ladies, so weird, but great...someone else names and bios their work just like me,imagine my surprise when the author of a book I loved read my bio of one of my pieces and saw her excerpt, she was so happy about it, thank goodness!...
I'm from Melbourne too, so it will be great checking in on you from time to time...
xx Julia