Friday, March 21, 2008

I Need A Hero

We are currently borrowing Guitar Hero II courtesy of my sister's boyfriend. I've always had a thing for simple games such as Minesweeper, so I knew this game would appeal to me. Whenever I played it at their place I was usually drinking so I never did very well, but now that it is in the house I can play it over and over. I'm not that good at it yet, I have not hit expert and the orange button is messing with my head at the moment, but I am enjoying it. Plus it is a good reason not to drink at night because once you have one drink it is all downhill. I also have grown a very small appreciation for Megadeth, only because Hanger 18 is a great song to play.

And Happy Birthday to Pip for Yesterday, I'm glad to hear you had a great day, and yes, the three legged goat is still at the farm, apparently she was born that way.

I'm going to visit Kara Smith tomorrow at Rose Street as she is travelling all the way down from Katoomba with her very beautiful and extra special bags. If you see her say hello.

I have also put some more of my Collingwood Children's Farm pictures up on Flickr, it was great to see the work Bridget did on our little outing on her blog, have a look at her drawings.


art4friends said...

oh i totally agree! they are so wonderfullllllll

and as for guitar hero! i am so so so so so so jealous. i got hooked playing that game at harvey norman, and i am still trying to convince my boyfriend to get one for the xbox!

hehe :P

Kara said...

Hi there,

So great to finally meet up at Rose Street and hope your wedding was fun in the afternoon?


Ziakoko said...

We've been so hooked on singstar we havent played with our guitar hero yet, but i"m very tempted now...

Violet said...

GH2 is very addicting. When i switched between medium to hard the orange button threw me for a few song sets. After you've got mastered though, there is no going back, lol!

I want to try Rock Band next... if only i knew someone who had it.

Therese said...

Guitar Hero is a favourite in my friends circle. I have played it so many times I can tell you almost every little detail! I am stil on Medium! The fifth button is all to much for me!