Thursday, March 13, 2008

City Time

I'm back in Melbourne after an interesting train ride involving a broken down train. You know you're in the country when the announcement says:
"Look, I need everyone to listen, I don't want to repeat this four or five times, I know ya all pissed off but the train ain't working and I can't say sorry enough."

I spent yesterday sorting through the stockpile of junk in my old bedroom room and found a few interesting things. I still had most of the inane letters from highschool, just to give an idea of the type of sorting I had to do.

This was one of my school books from Grade Two and it includes a story on The NeverEnding Story (I got to the part just after the horse dies, but I have referred to it as a hoes) and a story about our dog Sam and the day he died. Apparently I didn't cry because I didn't want to be a sook and Nick didn't understand. I'm guessing by the state of the artwork on the front cover, the 5th of February 1987 was a hot day and drawing wasn't something I was keen on concentrating on for very long.

PS: Happy Birthday Nicky!

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starashan said...

does look like a rush job - at least you spent time on the title!!

I'm loving that train announcement too- priceless :o)