Monday, March 03, 2008

Birthday Week

This is the other print I made last week which I turned into some tote bags. Some have gone up to Betty Mim and I have some left over prints which I will turn into smaller pouches and coin purses. I'm planning on another day of printing, but I think I might have run out of cartridge paper. I do have some recycled artworks I took from school, but if they have much art on them it often come off in the printing process. I think a trip to an art supply store is going to be happening very soon and that always means a big spend up.

This week is birthday week, so I might have to do something to celebrate, so keep a look out for a give away post in the next few days. It will most likely involve badges as I have been stitching up a storm and have around 60 new ladies almost ready to go. I have some new hairstyles which are rather fantastic and I wish I could do the same with my hair, however just keeping it knot free seems a hard task at the moment. The new do's are a little bit retro and a little bit Hairspray and they are looking 110% glamorous.

I'm also trying to come up with ideas on how I should spend the big B day, so if anyone has some ideas, let me know. I'm thinking Mexican for dinner as I like the idea of drinking jugs of Margaritas. Something different to Star Trek and stitching badges for a change!


Lara said...

Cool print!! And happy birthday for whichever day this week is ur birthday!! xo

Saw some of your bags in a shop on High street Northcote and they looked rad :)

Laura B said...

This bag is great! Happy birthday too when it comes :)

Michelle said...

The bag is great! I spied some of your bags at Hive in Canberra last week - they were right in front of me as I came through their door.

Happy birthday for the big day! Hope it's a really fantastic one.

CurlyPops said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Great print, lovely bag.

art4friends said...

oooo birthday!

happy birthday!
the bag looks lovely by the way!

and a Mexican feast, can not think of anything better! (apart from maybe a thai feast! ;p)

hope you find something lovely and unwork related to do!

all the best! :D x

Penny said...

I wrote out a big reply but something happened... so in short, I think Bluecorn is great for mexican. They don't have jugs of margaritas, but they do have them in really big salt rimmed glasses so it's all good. And the food is awesome!

greenolive said...

Happy Birthday for this week, I'm not sure what day.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful birthday Anna