Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fall In Love With Art - It's Fun!

You know when you get that giddy feeling, with the sickly funny thing in your throat, the song "someone's got a crush on you" going through your head and everything makes you happy. I'm getting that with a lot of the art I'm seeing at the moment. I just joined Talent Database and found some artists on there that are making me go a little gaga. Like in highschool when I was obsessed with Brett Whiteley and had his blue book out on loan for all of Year 11 and 12. My Mum finally got it for me because she was probably embarrassed when she walked passed the librarians at work.

Here are a few things making me a little gaga at the moment.

Here is a little sketchbook work I did last night. I called it "My fringe shows the results of my lie detector test" and it is pencil on paper. Pacer style pencil. You can see it bigger at Flickr. If you're in the city tomorrow, come visit me at the Rooftop Market. 11-3.30, Curtin House, Swanston Street, CBD.


High Desert Diva said...

Ha! That's funny....but that is exactly what it looks like!

racheal said...

i'm totally crushin' on art.
this post was awesome!

greenolive said...

I just love your titles!

bridbird said...

brilliant! made me 'HA!' outloud. I wish i could pop down to rooftop market. unfortunatly my hours in my parttime job are friday 11 - 3.30. I think I'll have to quit it. I'd have a lot more fun at rooftop market.

crumpet said...

I did exactly the same thing with that Brett Whiteley book in high school. I still don't have my own copy though. :(