Sunday, October 07, 2007

One Week

You would think that I would have been blogging everyday because it was the holidays. I have actually been rather busy with other things like trips to the country and other activities like making new silkscreens.

I went down to the farm in East Gippsland for a few days with Gareth and his Mum and Dad who are visiting from Scotland. Mum has new pet goats, much to the entertainment of my brother, sister and I. I got to feed them a few times from old wine bottles and they act quite similar to someone who has just drunk a whole bottle in 2 minutes. Once let out of the pen they jump around on things, including the car, like they are auditioning for Australia's Funniest Home Video.

Rose Street, Fitzboy

Jodie from Meringue and I will be sharing a stall at the Rose Street Markets in Fitzroy over the next three months.

The dates we have are:
Saturday 27th October
Saturday 10th November
Saturday 24th November
Saturday 1st December
Saturday 8th December

So if you're in Fitzroy come along and say hello. The first one is only in a few weeks time.


jodie nicholson said...

Oh yes, please do come see us at the market. We'll be the ones sneaking cheeky sips from our hipflasks.....or maybe we should just wear those beer can helments?

greenolive said...

I'll put it in my diary, i haven't been to this market yet so will also want to check it out. And can't pass up a chance to meet the witty Jodie in person.And Anna, did you get a video of the goats after all?

Sheeps Clothing said...

Goats are cool. We had a goat on the farm called Norman. He ate everything he could find, including a washing line (the actual line) a horse blanket and loved hayband, which inevitably would come out the other end, but sometimes only partially. He was like a walking string dispenser. I'be been meaning to visit Rose Street so will be sure to say hi if I do.

ed said...