Sunday, August 12, 2007

Moon Map

This is a scan of a new artwork I created this weekend. I had kind of forgotten about my artworks and had not created any for a while, but I recently sold a few and had some fantastic feedback on them.

So this weekend I am going to try and get a few made up. Yesterday I took a drive around the eastern suburbs looking for possible stockists. It was rather tiring but I found a fantastic shop selling beautiful papers so I have some things to inspire me. I might also get some more Dyson dyes because they work wonderfully on paper. My "normal" inks often bleed into the paper but these ones don't do that, and they work out to be a lot cheaper. I'm just worried they might go mouldy.

The ink in this artwork is called Mexican Red and I think I mentioned it before. I've also been using a quill pen with the ink and that is working out well, although it leaks onto my fingers and I look like I am bleeding.


Moon Man

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