Sunday, August 26, 2007

Black And Red

We had our second Etsy Melbourne meetup at Big Mouth in St. Kilda yesterday and although only a few people came it was nice to sit and chat and have a a lovely lunch. Attending the meeting was Shara from sharalambethdesigns, Alex from byzandiffusion, Leonie from CrumpArt, Cherie from Interrobang and Angela from Jellibat. Shara and Cherie also gave us all some pretty tote bags with Melbourne Etsy printed on them which was a lovely surprise. We are hoping the next meet might be on a day warm enough to have a picnic in a park, the date marked in is the last Saturday in September which is the 29th. For more information check the Etsy forum about it.

It has finally been sunny enough for me to take some decent pictures. The weather in Melbourne over the last few days has been blue skies and warm and I even had to resort to putting the aircon on in the car yesterday. I was able to get some bag pictures this morning and this is one I listed on Etsy. I also took some new badges into Little Salon so if you're in Fitzroy or Little Collins Street in the city go in and have a look!

Big Tote


Sheeps Clothing said...

Hi Anna
We both made the front page! Yeah!!
Second time in as many days for you. Woo hoo!

Sheeps Clothing said...

Hey - do you know how to take a screen shot for my blog?