Saturday, June 16, 2007

Colour Lovers

After a week of long days, using a red pen far too much and wondering when I would return I have almost finished everything school related and can breathe a sigh of relief. I have discovered a lovely site through Gemmafactrix called colourlovers. It is very simple, but a real challenge to create something that looks good. This is my first (and most popular) palette called Mostly Moss.

The other thing I like about the site, other than making a palette, is if the colours you select have not been named (which is often) you can name them yourself. This is rather exciting because I feel it is an important job, like I work at the Derwent factory. Sometimes I like to name the colours after people and call them Brent or Craig.

Mostly Moss

As for new items in the Etsy shop, it's like the pouch I posted last week, but a wallet:

wallets wallets

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greenolive said...

green is my favourite colour, and I'm partial to a few rows of moss stitch. I wish I'd made it myself. Great colours!