Sunday, May 06, 2007

Wallets and Badges

After a long break from my sewing machine I got back to making some little pouches and wallets. I had a custom order for Etsy seller Sheeps Clothing to make a pouch or wallet for business cards and I am getting some of her lovely knitted hair ties in return.

Here is one of the wallets I made with the red flower screenprint on olive green drill, it is available in my Etsy shop.

Available in my Etsy shop

I also made some more little badges on Saturday night. This one was one of my favourites and the red felt is really lovely and soft. I made him while watching Season 2 of Twin Peaks that just arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. I like watching tele shows over again and remembering things. You would think watching something again you would remember everything, but you don't.


Anna said...

Hi Annalaura,

Love the wallet! Very cute :)

Guess what? Youve been tagged (this is slightly unfortuante I know... I think it has come back around to you... ) :) See my blog for the rules of this round


sheeps clothing said...

Hi anna
Cute wallet. Look forward to seeing mine!