Sunday, May 27, 2007

Flying Start

I found another Australian Etsy seller that makes fantastic stuff! Florence Forrest's Etsy store, Flying Start Toys, began last month and I particularly love these little Snow Walkers. Florence also has a blog so you can read about all her lovely creations.

Available on Etsy

After a hectic week I was back in the studio today. I cleaned it up and sorted it out, a job which I started but didn't finish a few weeks ago. I finished a wallet and made a wristlet with the screenprints I did last week with the blue circles and I also did a new set of screenprints for some wallets which caused a sneezing fit. I'm not sure if it was from the ink (I hadn't opened a window, but couldn't smell anything due to the sneezing) but Gareth said it was really stinky when he came in.

I also made a wallet with some white and red fabric my sister got me. I used it a while back for a little coin purse and decided to use it again. I was going to make it a dual fabric wallet, but thought I would try the whole hog.

Available on


Florence said...

Thankyou Anna for your lovely blo in support of my work.

I really like the fabric used in the wallet in this post too :)


G-NUT said...

I think only the most generous of people would provide you with such beautiful fabric