Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Good Green

I got a smallish piece of green cotton from my Nanna which she sourced from the Op-Shop she works in. I've been looking for this shade of green in cotton drill for ages, but they never seem to have it. It's always bottle green or bright grass green that borders on fluoro. I was going to make a bag from this fabric because the piece was the perfect size for a tote bag but as I was doing a smaller print decided I wanted to use it right away, so it became a wallet. The print is of two trees and the design is very square so I added some large circles in rows of three and used my high school mathomat to create them. I'm sometimes not very good at cutting circles, but because they were a little bigger they cut out much better than I thought. The design goes the whole way around the wallet so it is sort of split into three different areas.

Good Green Wallet


veronica darling said...

Love it!

I've been to that one I think! It's in the 'strip' of great shops right? I quite liked the RSPCA one on the other side of the highway, and got some ACE wallpaper one time!

I couldn't believe how easy men's shirts are to make, have you got a good pattern for the material? My husbie is very excited about Spotlight now, and even suggested we go last weekend! (We stayed home to save money instead)

I have a coupla old 70s mens patterns, they are really easy to find! I'm missing good op shops up here in Sydney, most of all I want a Savers, but there's NONE at all!

I've heard a rumour that the western suburbs hold the key to thrifty goodness, so will have to venture out of my hood!


kwoozy said...

yeah, circles are hard!

hello annalaura, thanks so much for coming to my blog. Thanks for the etsy tip too. I have a placeholder there for a long time but never got to it! I thought it is only useful for people who can list often or are popular bloggers. I will try this weekend ...maybe.

anyway, i am tagging you for the 7 random things meme (see my blog) . bet you now wish you didn't commented - just kidding. hope you have time to play :)

Jules Knoblock said...

hi anna!
You got some nice purses n stuff going here girl :)
though for some reason your blog is not displaying properly and all your type seems to be acting like one big link... just thought I'd point that out for you...

inaluxe said...

Hi Anna! Yeah! finally up on the blog - the interview is up there! Please have a look, and let me know if there is anything wrong with it, i kept losing formatting and images. I think I know your designs like the back of my hand now! Had to load some like 10 times! I'm really not a computer literate person... hope you like it xo Kristina

kwoozy said...

hello annalaura, thanks for the comment! will give etsy a shot this coming week :)

ingrid said...

I love this green! And lucky you having a nana that works in an op shop.