Tuesday, March 06, 2007

That woman you know

After looking at this picture on the computer I realised her ears are too small and in the wrong place. I used Indian ink with a brush and also a quill pen. It was nice creating lots of layers and building it all up to create some depth.

I got some new scissors today. They are actually shears, the difference between the two being how many fingers you can fit into the handle. I learnt this when Gareth told me a few weeks ago and as soon as he told me I knew what he got me for my birthday. I got them a day early because I needed to do some cutting and when I opened the box (deliver from the USA via Japan) I could not stop laughing because they are HUGE. They are a good 2-3 inches bigger than my "normal" scissors. I am a little scared of them because they are so sharp and told Gareth not to touch them because it is unnerving when someone else is holding them. He also cut his finger on them.

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Anna said...

I like scissors, espeically good ones. I have a pair that I am particularly precious about (my auntie gave them to me) that I use for my embroidery, and I wear a pair on my neck (a necklace with tiny moving scissors by nz jeweller Jane Dodd). And like Gareth I have cut myself with them (the drama- I couldnt use my hand properly for about a week- not good when you are making a fashion collection... and had to wear and rubber glove when I had a shower. and had a tetanus shot). dangerous things those!!!