Saturday, March 03, 2007


My new computer addiction is Flash. I'm teaching my students how to use it, and now I love making little animations to use as examples. The sillier, the better. I love making funny voices and recording them, it works best if you hold your nose while talking. When the kids watch them they always ask who did the voice. They are always shocked when I say it is mine.

I got a fantastic present of my Nanna, a $50 gift voucher for Spotlight. When I saw it I thought perfect. I made her a little gift because her birthday is 4 days after mine including one of my little badges, so I hope she likes it.

I saw Harold and Maude during the week, which came about through recommendations in the Etsy forums. It was an interesting film and I discovered that the woman who played Maude lived until she was 99 years old, and Bud Cort, who played Harold was in the 1980 TV adaptation of Brave New World. It was released on my date of birth and he played Bernard Marx. I'm reading the book at the moment and although I had not heard of it being a film, I knew it had to have been adapted into a film at some stage. I think the 1980 version would be pretty hard to come by though.

Now for some arty talk, I did some drawings this weekend using a quill and some watered down Indian ink. I watered it down because I didn't have enough to fully dip the pen into and because it created a light grey colour, which almost looked like a grainy photocopy.


leslie said...

lovely little drawings - i'm a big fan of grey.

Jennifer said...

I really like the gray outlines. I think it gives these little watercolors a very delicate look. Not the same as if you had given them a black outline.

I'm on etsy too. I've see your work before and you're listed in my favorites :-)