Thursday, March 15, 2007


I took the plunge and listed some artwork on Etsy. I decided at least if I start listing stuff then I can get more confidence in my work. Someone hearted it already which was nice. I love using the sewing machine as a drawing tool. Particularly colours like red thread on white paper. Something which I find happens a lot in my artwork (especially the ones with stitching) is the back is often more interesting than the actual artwork. It got to the stage at University where I would just paint on the back of my canvas but it never ended up working in reverse and never looked any better.

Own your own piece of Madagascar


Shell said...

Yeah, this looks great. I love the way the red thread adds movement and pulls your eye around the image. Very nice. :)

Jayson said...

Hey Anna,

I am loving what you do! So much that I have a request. I would love to experiement with that myself. Is there any chance of doing a tutorial?