Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bury Me Deep

This is an artwork I did a long time ago. 8 year to be exact. It is in an old book from an Op-Shop. I started using old books as sketchbooks in Belgium when I was an exchange student. The school I went to was an Art Secondary School and as they were not very well funded, they used old books for drawing in.

When I started my Fine Art degree we had an exhibition of work from all the first year students. I exhibited my book, titled Bury Me Deep. I always find some paper in books not that great for drawing on (particularly with anything wet) but some were fantastic with wet mediums. I think Bury Me Deep was one of those books.

Bury Me Deep

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leslie said...

cool, i love seeing the type come through the artwork and there's something satisfyingly recycle-y about using old book, i think. bury me deep is wonderful!