Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Black Birds

I'm back to full time work this week which is such a change. I'm still going to bed late, but I have to get up early. Tomorrow the real stuff starts. We got new Tablet Laptops at work which is exciting. They are smaller than laptops which is annoying, but you can write on them. There is an art program that lets you "paint" and creates a texture like oil paint. I'm interested to see how they print out and when I get one on my desktop I will post it. I don't think it saves in jpg format, so I'm hoping I can transfer it to photoshop without too much hassle.

New to the etsy shop is this black tote bag with the white birds printed on. These ones are coming off the edge of the bag. Black bags are good because they are a little plainer, but with the white and then green polkadot fabric inside they create a lovely contrast.

Black Bag


crumpet said...

This bag is great -- I love the placement of the birds.

Shell said...

Great bag - the green polkadot lining makes me happy! :)

the butterfly collector said...

love this bag! i found you while searching for Anomaly in Geelong! I must get there soon and have a look at all your fabulous things!