Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bagging it out in the heat

Sewing when it is hot isn't as much fun as sewing when it isn't hot. I did however create two new bags today, which are quite nice, so the heat isn't all bad.

This one I made today and I think the green and white is another lovely combination. Actually, white and any colour works well. This is a print I have used before and I am quite fond of it. The green polka dot fabric is also great. I love that type of green and find it hard to get anything in that colour at fabric shops, although it is in fashion. I am sure in 18 months they will all be full of it, which isn't a huge issue because it is a nice colour.

Available on Etsy

The next bag I made is using the same canvas fabric but this on has a leather bird applique. I used some of the trim I found in a local op-shop in Belgrave and I think it works well. I have some nice trim but never end up using it. I think I should get over my hording feelings towards trim and use them more often. The lining of this fabric is also great. It has a really soft feel and the pattern is an old fashion folksy style.

Also available on Etsy

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