Monday, September 18, 2006

Leather, Applique and Birthdays

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I found a bag of leather at my local "Treasure Shop" a few months ago. The lady told me it was a dollar and I almost ran out of the store after paying expecting someone to come after me to tell me I was charged incorrectly. I have not done much with the leather, due to not knowing what to do, not wanting to waste it and finding my machine a little too soft to break the skin.

I currently have a new machine on loan. Despite it shaking the whole house, it sews the leather no problems. I made two totes today using leather appliqué. One was for my friend Peter because it is his birthday today. Have a look at his poetry blog, the conversation poems are my favourite. The other tote is available in my shop. This tote is a simple design, but I like simple designs. This bag is different from my normal two strap totes. It has one long strap because I know that’s how Peter likes his bags (and two strap totes don't really seem manly to me). Now I have holidays I will go back to the Treasure Shop to find more goodies.

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Lara said...

Nice birdy bag! Leather is so awesome to work with isn't it? Feels so nice and strong. If you haven't already, pick up a packet of leather needles for your machine - they make it heaps easier to sew with.

Also if you can be bothered making the trip to South Melbourne, check out Leffler's on York St - they have a big old warehouse full of lots of different leathers - you can get small, soft and light sheep's leathers for about $3 a square foot, for when u run out of your current supply!